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Shaily Tutorials is an experienced business that understands the student’s needs. Allow them to expand their horizons through the gift of education.


Shaily Tutorials is dedicated to providing a learning opportunity in whichever subjects students need assistance in. This is why we provide tutoring services for a wide array of subjects, any where math to science to preparing for the SATs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the list, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to accommodate your learning process.

As a part of our mission to make sure every student has a fulfilling learning experience, we also accommodate students in special high school programs.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • International Business and Technology (IBT)
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Science and Technology (SciTech)
  • Academic / Applied
  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  • Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Data Management (MDM4U)
  • College Level Math (MAP4C)
  • Functions (MCR3U)
  • Functions and Applications (MCF3M)
  • Foundation for College Math (MBF3C)
  • Academic Mathematics (MPM1D/MPM2D)
  • Applied Mathematics (MPM1P/MPM2P)
  • Mathematics (Grades 1-8)
  • Physics (SPH3U/SPH4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH3U/SCH4U)
  • Biology (SBI3U/SBI4U)
  • Academic Science (SNC1D/SNC2D)
  • Applied Science (SNC1P/SNC2P)
  • Science (Grades 1-8)
  • Financial Accounting (BAF3M/BAT4M)
  • GMAT, GED, etc.
  • SAT
  • Entrance Exam Prep
  • EQAO (Grades 3, 6 & 9)
  • OSSLT (Grade 10)
  • Reading, Writing, French (Grades 1-8)

We work to cater to everyone’s needs, so if you need help with something not on the list, call @ 905-488-9948  or email at to ask!

Crash Courses

End of Semester Crash Courses

Are you a high school student in need of a quick and thorough review of the entire course?

Look no further, for the months of May/June and December/January leading up to the final exams, we’re offering crash courses for some high school subjects.

Whether you forgot everything that happened before the midterm, or if you just need a quick review of everything that can be on the exam, these crash courses are for you.

The course is designed to go through the main learning points of the subject in a short period of time.

We’re offering courses for the following subjects:

  • Advanced Functions
  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Data Management
  • Functions
  • College Math

Be prepared for the upcoming exams with a refresher of the entire course in approximately 14 – 16 hours.

Call 905-488-9948 to reserve a spot in the course, or for more information.

Wondering what it'll cost you?

Find our affordable packages below and discover how inexpensive a great learning experience can be.


Shaily Tutorials offers competitive pricing and a variety of packages that will fit everyone’s individual needs.

Hourly Package

Grade 1 – 8

Grade 9 – 12

One – on – One

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour




Basic Package

Grade 1 – 8

Grade 9 – 10

Grade 11 – 12

2 hours per week

2 hours per week

2 hours per week

$45 per week

$50 per week

$55 per week

Premium Package

Grade 1 – 8

Grade 9 – 10

Grade 11 – 12

3 hours per week

3 hours per week

3 hours per week

$65 per week

$70 per week

$75 per week

Elite Package

Grade 1 – 8

Grade 9 – 10

Grade 11 – 12

4 hours per week

4 hours per week

4 hours per week

$85 per week

$90 per week

$95 per week


The most amazing part about our Premium and Elite packages are that with each one you get access to weekly FREE Tutoring Sessions that you can attend.

The sessions are walk-in for eligible students and allow them to ask questions and get extra help outside of their specific tutoring sessions. A great extra resource for when that homework problem is giving you a headache!

Premium Package

You’re invited to attend the Free Tutoring Help Hour that runs once a month on Wednesdays. Please see Mrs. Shaily for the date and time.

Elite Package

You’re invited to attend the Free Tutoring Help Hour that runs twice a month on Wednesdays. Please see Mrs. Shaily for the date and time.

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Customer Reviews

Here are just some of the reviews and feedback we have received. We are always welcome to your thoughts on how we’re doing and how we can approve, so feel free so let us know either at our location or through the contact form.

Akash J.

My sons was struggling in school. He was very depressed with his performance. After attending Shaily Tutorials, my son is now performing excellent, even his teacher is very happy. Thank you for helping my son!

Jenny Z.

I’ve always been someone who likes to learn on their own. But when I hit advanced functions, I found that my self learning wasn’t getting me anywhere and so wasn’t my teacher. This is where Ms. Shaily came in. She was able to patiently explain to me the concepts until I felt comfortable with them. If it wasn’t for her, I would still probably be trying to learn algebra.

Andrew W.

Thanks for providing us with excellent tutoring help. It was very beneficial!

Renu B.

Mrs. Madhu Shaily has been teaching my two children Math for the past 5 years. Before going to Madhu, my children were under average in Math, barely able to keep up with their class.  They used to struggle with homework, and be frustrated all the time.  Thanks to Madhu‘s excellent teaching skills, she helped them build a strong, solid base in Math. She helped them actually understand all the concepts they were learning in Math, instead of just memorizing them.  One thing I found very effective & productive in her style was that she did not use her teaching time to help kids do their class homework. Instead she taught them similar exercises and got them to do their homework independently.  Within months, both my children’s marks improved drastically in Math. They were participating more and more in class, and started finding their math homework really easy. My children’s marks in other subjects also started improving, as seeing their improvement in Math gave them the encouragement to do well in other subjects.

My son is currently in grade 6, and is already ahead in his math curriculum, thanks to Madhu. In grade 5, the school teacher selected my son to teach and help other students in math class. My son absolutely enjoyed this experience, as this helped him learn more and also gain respect from other students. 

Thanks to Madhu’s continued guidance, my daughter, in all her years in middle school, attained an average of over 95% in Math.  The knowledge, guidance and confidence that my daughter gained from Madhu, helped my daughter get accepted in grade 9 International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, where she is excelling in studies so far.  IB program teaches students at a very high level, and challenges them to think and perform over and above. Thanks to Madhu, my daughter has no problem understanding any of the problems, as Madhu has built an extremely solid base, foundation in her.  

On a personal note, Madhu is very kind, soft spoken, yet firm whenever required. She understands that all children have different level of learning, and she changes her own style to meet every child’s needs. I have known Madhu long enough to know and respect the fact that she has very high moral values, and that’s what she also passes on to the kids while they are under her wings. The environment in her house is extremely safe, and I never have any qualms about leaving my kids at her house while they learn. Seeing my children’s’ success, many of my co-workers’ children have come to Madhu for Math learning at the college and university level, and are doing extremely well. Her charges are extremely reasonable, and worth every cent, considering her dedication, and the tremendous amount of benefits the children reap out of her time. 

As for me, I can personally vouch for Madhu‘s great style as a teacher, which contributed towards my success at work. I work for a well known insurance company, and this year was fortunate enough to be selected to train on the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program. However, this program required me to study and write exams on extremely tough math topics, and other subjects like Hypothesis and Regression etc. Having been out of school for a long time, I initially felt that I could not be successful and almost gave up. Then I approached Madhu to help me, and thanks to the hours she spent on teaching me such tough topics, I managed to secure 95% average on my LSS exams.  I sincerely could not have done this without Madhu’s help!  

With Madhu’s continued guidance, I am looking forward to my kids being highly successful in life one day.  And, then I will look back and have Madhu to thank for their success.  

If anyone wishes to call me regarding Madhu, they are most welcome to call me. 416-454-1012

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About Us

Shaily Tutorials has been helping students grow, learn and achieve higher grades in school since 2005. 

We strive to create a positive and helpful learning environment for our students, a place where questions are welcomed. Our mission is to provide all students with resources and opportunities to learn and achieve academic success. Shaily Tutorials provides academic support and learning strategies through services, resources and collaboration with tutors that allows students to achieve their academic goals. Our mission is to empower students by providing a positive environment where they can master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.

Madhu Shaily

Our lead tutor, a teacher of over 20 years, has been growing with the students. Learning herself, the needs of the students and adapting her teaching style with changes in classrooms.

She immigrated to Canada in 2004 and has been teaching here since 2005. Madhu has her Master in Mathematics from the University of Punjab in India. Since she has come to Canada, she has completed numerous teaching courses at the Ontario College of Teachers and has received their recognition as a qualified educator for the Ontario curriculum.

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